Friday, November 14, 2008


I'm convinced that we knitters have the market cornered on healing thoughts so I'm going to ask if you can send a few this way. My Uncle is in the hospital right now and is in need of some good vibes. He came out to California from North Carolina to visit his mom [Grandma Superstarra] and somewhere along the way he picked up a bug that is resulting a really high fever. Until they figure out what's up and get his temperature down to normal, he's stuck. In a hospital. In Orange County. Wanting nothing more than to go home.

Now, I'm happy that this unforeseen circumstance lengthened his visit, but it would be preferable if the extended visit was from something other than a hospital stay. Like snow at LAX. Or a need to see the full moon over the Pacific. Or for a trip to Disneyland.

So, this weekend, while your walking the dog or doing the dishes or driving to your LYS, I ask that you repeat our mantra '98.6--98.6--98.6' and send a little love and healing thought to my Uncle, I'd be most appreciative.

Thanks, everyone. Have a great weekend.