Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lovely Weekend

This past week, I received an email from the SNB message board about an event happening at the LA Country Museum of Art. This group called the Machine Project took over the museum grounds with installations, performances, music...all sorts of cool stuff.

Of course I went for the crochet birds.

A woman named Cheryl was giving instruction on how to make some crochet cute birds. She hung a bunch of them up and it inspired people to sit down and try to learn to crochet.

I taught gf as best I could, and she picked it up really quickly!

As we as there, I tried to help a few people with their birds and even taught a woman who was trying to make a hat cast on correctly. It was a lot of fun an a really neat event.

The yarn was provided for those who wanted to make a bird, so I was expecting some 100% acrylic or cotton. I was surprised at what she had for people to use. I picked some pretty Rowan Kid Classic, since I hadn't tried before. What a great yarn. I would like to try it again...once my self-imposed yarn embargo is lifted.

Here is my finished bird hanging on the line. I was thinking about leaving him there, so I wanted to be sure that he had a Superstarra distinction. I grabbed some yellow yarn and threw a quick star on his side. Gf decided to liked him so she claimed him.

Pretty cute, huh?

Well, I'm about to hit the road and go see my Uncle...thanks to everyone who is sending him good vibes. I really appreciate it!