Monday, March 23, 2009


Last September, I was seduced by Kim Hargeaves. Her book, Nectar,was available at one of my LYS and once I looked through it, I knew I had to have it. As much as I wanted to cast on immediately, Fall was immanent and knitting something light weight and breezy and having to wait 6 months to wear it would have been torture.

So this weekend, I was rummaging through the stash and pattern books looking for something springy to make. The patterns in the Nectar book once again jumped out at me. I matched them up with some stash yarn and swatched away.

Lucky, the yarn that I thought would work did! I've casted on for Dawn in GGH Linova. It's been a while since I've don't anything that could - even remotely - be considered lace, so it's been slow going to say the least. I mean, are all those yarn overs really necessary?

I also decided that I will start on the Nectar sweater soon. I have some Plymouth Bamboo yarn that I've been really looking forward to using and this pattern will be perfect. I did run into one small problem.

I'm about 3 balls short.

Luckly, Webs has stock so hopefully the dyelot is the same. Keep your fingers crossed for me!