Wednesday, April 22, 2009

And So This Is Earth Day...

...and I think in honor of our Mother Earth, there should be a contest! And a little prize! And a way to reduce our use of plastic bags!

I saw these super cute Mickey Earth Day Reusable Totes on the Disney Store website, so I thought I would purchase one for myself and one for a fellow knitter. They're thinking about charging Angelinos 25 cents per plastic bag at the store, so 10 uses and it's paid for...but for you, it's totally free! Not to mention it's much cuter than some Vons bag anyway. But regardess of where you might live, reducing our use of plastic bags and keeping them from mucking up landfills and waterways is a good thing.

So, leave me a comment, or a question or a general musing about life to this post and your entered! Let's say the deadline to enter is midnight on Sunday, April 26th.

Happy Earth Day everyone!