Friday, May 15, 2009

A Very Superstarra Memory: Prom

With prom season in full swing, Miss Natalie thought it might be fun to share our own prom night experiences.

I don't have any stories of raucous parties or wild nights, unfortunately, I'm pretty boring and my friends from high school were pretty low key. No, I take it back, I was just lame.

So instead, let's look at the circumstances and the fashion choices I made on my two prom nights.

Junior Prom-1989
I was kinda planning on not going to prom. Living in Orange County and being the only African American girl in my class really limited dating. No one asked so I was just kinda 'whatever' about the whole thing.

Circumstance: One of my good friends decided that rather than taking her boyfriend to prom, she wanted to take one of her guy friends. Well, since we were all in the same circle of friends, her boyfriend and I decided we might as well just go together. As friends. I'm not that kinda girl, people.
Fashion: I wanted a color I knew no one else would be wearing. My lovely sister offered to make the dress for me, so it would be a one of a kind regardless. Dresses with shorter fronts and longer backs with a contrasting lining color were very popular, so we decided on a purple frock with a yellow interior.


Don't you love the yellow bow at the waist? I think it was supposed to be strapless, but we added spaghetti straps. We also took some of the excess material and voila! A matching wrap! Tres chic! I loved my matching purple shoes.

Unfortunately, there were two other girls in purple that year.

I had a great time at my junior prom, my friend's boyfriend was a great date and we had a great time. A very platonic prom.

Senior Prom-1990
Circumstance: Again. No date. That's cool. Whatever. I think the boy I liked had a girlfriend who went to public school that he was taking her and besides he and I were just friends and although I think he liked me, he never stepped up and admitted it, but whatever, it's his loss, right? So goes the sad song of the girl who's everybody's friend and no body's girlfriend. Cue smallest violin solo and cry me a river. Wah. Wah.

Geez, I didn't know I was still so bitter.

So anyway, not wanting miss out on the good times with my friends on such a huge night for a high school senior...I decided to take my brother. Yes, my brother. Hey, some of my friends were taking random boys who bagged groceries at the corner grocery store. At least I could leave him at the table, have fun and not feel guilty about it.
Fashion: I was desperate to not experience the "Purple Prom Dress Debacle of 1989". For some reason, most of my friends decided to wear white that year. I was like, "White? Hell no!" For me the question of color was "what color would no one else dream of wearing?" The answer came back as "ORANGE!" Yes, orange. My sister was enlisted to make the dress again. We decided to make a mermaid dress with a flounce at the bottom with the short in the front, long in the back look that we loved so much from the year before. The interior color would be an iridescent pink that looked orange from certain angles.

Unfortunately, my high school had a prom dress code. Dresses had to be floor length, and short in the front, long in the back wasn't going to cut it. Instead we decided to make a simple off the shoulder gown. It was cool, but I still would have loved to have worn the other style. I still regret not saying screw it and just having her make the other dress. Regret, regrets.

Needless to say it was a great prom. I abandoned my brother a lot of the time and didn't really care if he had fun or not [it worked out because he actually had a couple of friends there for some reason], which was totally cool. It was probably one of the best times I could have asked for. A great way to end that chapter of life.

And I look at it this way, at some point I'll have a great story to tell on late night talk shows.