Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Went To Seattle And All I Got Was Yarn!

Sadly, I'm back at work after a week of vacationing in Seattle. What a great city. One of my brothers and a cousin were hosting our family reunion up there last weekend and so a few of us took advantage and spent a little more time up north. I didn't do as much site seeing as I would have liked, but that gives us reason to go back and visit, right?

One place that was on the top of my list to go was Little Knits. OH BOY! I met the wonderful Karma there...but was so overwhelmed by the fibery goodness that I didn't chat as with her as much as I would have liked to. Next time we'll do breakfast! If you are in the Seattle area, I highly recommend going by Little Knits. Fulay is so nice and helpful and we all had a wonderful time looking at all there is to see. Although I was picking up a little bit of everything, I only brought home two bags of Elle Elite and two huge hanks of Cascade Eco-Wool. Not exciting, I know, but I have definite projects in mind, so I know it will be put to good use sooner rather than later.

I'll probably be finishing up a few things this week...in between mopping the sweat from my brow, so hopefully I'll have something to show off by week's end.