Friday, September 11, 2009

Accessories! Accessories!!!

It's finally the weekend! I don't know why, but short weeks always are the most tedious the get through. But here we are!

I've made some great progress on my Stash-to-Accessory Knit-a-thon.
There's something so satisfying about picking up a ball of yarn on a whim, figuring out what it wants to be, knitting it up and finishing it all within the span of a few days. After deciding against a second Victoria mitten, I moved on to some blue Rowan Cork yarn that has been floating around my stash for a for a long while. It had a previous incarnation as a hat, but that life was spectacularly short-lived due to bad swatching and even worse needle choice.

I love it in its new skin, which will get a proper debut sometime this weekend.

So onto my next project. I was shortly sideswiped by this fabulous monstosity of a hat by the one and only Diane von Furstenberg, originally blogged about by Miss Kate. I dropped everything in search of the perfect yarn for a hat and inordinate amount of yarn for a gazillion pom poms. But searching for a yarn in the stash proved futile. I gave it some thought and something so marvelous really needs some serious thought and consideration. It's not a hat that can just be thrown together. So I'm going to meditate on it.

In the mean time, I've been intrigued by some kid silk and other delights in my stash. I originally intended on mixing the two like yarns together, but since then I think it will be lacy mohair scarves with maybe a hat or something. We'll see. I have a few patterns in mind, I'm going to swatch and see what sticks.