Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I had a serious Stash Enhancement eXperience this past weekend. The owner of one of my favorite LYS [it closed a while back] decided to purge her final stock of yarn...so I was there bright and early. Let me show you what I got.

First off, 6 skeins of Shibui Sock, 3 in natural and 3 in black. Y'all know I don't knit socks, so you must be wondering why I would need 6 skeins of sock yarn.
Well my boss was recently gifted with tickets to next year's Olympic Curling event, so I am going to knit her a nice hat and mittens set. I will thoughtfully request pictures of the Canadian debut. I like the Anemoi hat and mittens and think it will be lovely in a black/natural combo.

I also found a bag of hemp yarn. I've never tried 100% hemp, so I'm really excited to see how it knits up. I don't have a pattern in mind for this [I have 2 of the black and 3 of the blue] and am always open to ideas. The one thing I don't think I want to knit is a shopping tote. I have enough of those.

I also picked up 11 balls of Rowan Plaid. I've had the Plaid Collection for years and my intention was to make something from the booklet. But now I'm not so sure. There are a few cardigans I would be excited to make, but with 11 balls of it...my head is spinning with possibilities! If I do make something out of the book, it will most likely be either the Thunder, Lightening [the way she loved me was frightening!] or Shale. Decisions, decisions!

The last item I picked up will probably be used in my next project. 1 hank of Magical Quivit. It's 50% merino, 50% quiviut. I'm super excited to use it! I have just enough to make a lovely smoke ring. HURRY UP, FALL! GET HERE ALREADY!!!

And while I plot the fate of my newest stash yarns, I've picked up an oldie but goodie project. The Cabled Coat.

If you search back into your mind, you'll remember the last time I blogged about this project was back in May of this year. I was trying to decide if I should reknit the front collar because I forgot a rib in betweens the cables.
As you could probably guess, I frogged all 23 incorrect inches and am in the process of reknitting. Yes, I know, I'm crazy obsessive about these things sometimes. But it would have bugged me. And after a year of working on this damn thing, I want it done and I want it done right so I don't wind up hating it. Let's hope I can get it done and seamed by the end of this weekend so I can get back to more important things.