Saturday, September 19, 2009

To Cable Or Not To Cable...

Projects, projects, projects!
I've got so many projects that I want to make right now my head is about to burst! I'm trying to take it slowly and not allow myself to get overwhelmed.

The projects I'm working on right now are coming along nicely. Crimson Waves of Grain is about half way through the first half, the Lala Shawlette needs some edging and the Hanne Muff's inner layer is complete. Although I really want to finish the first half of Crimson Grain scarf, but I'm feeling if I push it too much, lace burn out is imminent.

So, I'm thinking that I'll cast on for the Hanne Muff's outer layer. But I'm stuck.
Here's why.
The outer layer isn't a cable, but a mock cable. I love cables and am thinking that doing an actual cable rather than a mock cable will be much easier and faster. But I question why the designer decided on a mock in the first place. Maybe it saves on yarn or adds less bulk. Hmmm. Maybe it is actually easier. There aren't any others in Ravelry, so I can't count on someone else's experience with this pattern to help me make a decision.

I guess since I've never done a mock cable, I could just follow the damn instructions and chalk it up to learning something new.

Oh, speaking of cables, not sure if anyone was interested in another Fall Cable KAL...if so let me know or join the Ravelry Group.