Wednesday, September 16, 2009

And Another...

Can one ever have too many works in progress? I didn't think so.
So I suppose you can guess what I did last night. Yes, I casted on for another project.

The Hanne Muff. Totally practical. I live in Southern California, where the winter temperatures drop into the low 60's. BRRRR!! This will be just the thing to keep my little hands warm during the 2 minutes trek to from my front door to my car.

Ok, ok, so it's totally impractical. But it's soooo cute! I've had this pattern queued since I first saw it. How could I resist such cuteness? It's simply impossible.

I figured that there must be some worsted weight wool/wool blend yarn that didn't have an intended project, but I was wrong. I did, however, have 5 balls of my favorite Rowan All Seasons Cotton. Perfect! It is for all seasons, right? So, the outside will be solid purple and the lining will be pink and purple striped. So cute!

The only thing I'm wondering about in regard to this project is batting. I wanted to either find something eco-friendly or was considering knitting a large square of wool and using that as stuffing. Anyone else have any suggestions?