Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bibbidy Bibs!

Excitement! A friend is having a baby! YAY! The shower isn't for a few months, but I had to start knitting the new baby's gifts as soon as I got my invite!

I earmarked the Baby Bib O' Love for a long time ago and am happy to finally have the opportunity to buy some cheap-o cotton yarn and knit up a few cotton bibs.

I finished this yellow one Monday and am planning on making two purple [the parent's preferred color to pink] and natural. Leftover yarn will become striped Baby Genius Burp Cloths. My grandmother also had the brilliant idea of crocheting edges to plain terry bibs, so I may throw in a few of those too.

This bib was so fast and easy. Y'know, I almost forgot what it was like to actually finish a project. can you believe it?