Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Road To Organization, Part II

I have a large stack of printed patterns.

Some are single leaflets.
Some are working copies from books and magazines.
Some are patterns from kits.
Some are printouts from websites.

All of them, however, have been sitting in the corner collecting dust and being an eyesore.

I made a plan this week to get them organized and put away. So, I purchased four 3-ring binders and some tabbed dividers, borrowed a hole punch from the job and got to work.

Dividing the patterns up wasn't too hard...cardigan or pullover [further divided by short or long sleeve], scarf and shawl, accessory, etc.

The problem I'm running into now is organizing the patterns I've printed from my books and magazines. I'm wondering if, rather than included the working copies I've made into the notebooks, I should put those sheets into the book/magazine from which they came. My thinking is that I may go directly to a book for a pattern and not cross reference the notebook and make yet another copy. Not exactly Earth-friendly.

So, I put this question to you, citizens of Superstarra-ville - is there any method to your particular madness when it comes to organizing your printed patterns?