Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's Alive!

Since moving into my own place a few months back, I've been really trying to be more proactive in the kitchen. I've always considered myself more of a baker than a chef, as I tend to make stupid mistakes when I cook. I'm inspired by all the wonderful foodie blogs I read, basic cable food channels [since I can't afford watching premium channels] and just being hungry on a regular basis. Why do they all make it seem so easy? I suppose it is...and I'll never know until I try, right? Since deciding to make an attempt to find my inner Emeril, I've been really wanting an little kitchen herb garden. It would be so nice to just pick herbs off the plant right?

Well on a recent trip to Joann's I found a little herb garden starter set. I couldn't resist. I got it home, opened it up and started planting. I think the waiting for something to break through the surface is the hardest part. I looked every day, but nothing seemed to be happening.


Then last night, while making some subpar pasta sauce, I looked at my little garden and guess what I saw?!?!

Sprouts! Little basil sprouts! They're so cute!

And three little thyme sprouts too!!!

The sage is giving me nothing. I'm being patient though.