Friday, January 21, 2005

Winding down...

It's been a long week [I get yelled at by yet another staff member today] so I don't have to express how happy I am to be home.

I've been posting so much about knitting lately, I'm going to throw a bone to the acting portion of this blog today.

I've had a great two weeks in class. I'm working on this scene about a couple dealing with infidelity. The woman finds a random pair of panties at her boyfriend's apartment, he admits to cheating on her and chaos ensues. Good stuff. It's pretty serious, but there are also some very funny moments. If you've taken an acting class, you've probably seen this scene. Well, last week it went really great. My partner was holding back more than I was, but overall it was pretty good, and even better than that, I felt good about it. This week, however, my scene partner was absent. I was paired up with another student who was returning to class. He's a Japanese guy, with fairly heavy accent, about 5 inches shorter than me and I probably outweigh him by 20 pounds. He's such a cutie! I was a little aprehensive about the scene, because I didn't know how it would go with him, he always seems so tentative in his acting, and in the scene he's trying to keep me from leaving. I was also concerned about the two of us having a genuine seemed like it might be a little bit of a stretch...on both our parts. I always have this fear that someone will be paired to perform with me and in their head they're not exactly excited. Stupid stuff. Anyways, I let it all go and this guy showed some definite strength and depth and humor and connection with me that I wasn't expecting! It was such a surprise, such an awesome time working with him. This experience has just reinforcing the idea that I can't have any preconceived notions of how it might be before I start performing. I have some acting homework that I should be thinking about right now, but I think that I'm going to pick up the sticks and finish the back of the Rowan Hearten [it's almost done!] so that I can yet again attempt that annoying bottom lace section for the front part. I talking about knitting again? Also, in an attempt to feed my humanity, which in turn will affect my acting and genral good energy flow overall, I have decided to dedicate one weekend each month to knit items for the less fortunate. This is the first baby step in my attempt to do my part and make the world a more magnificent place, regardless of what others do.

On the tube right now:
Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Why is Salma not in every frame of this movie? She has such a beautiful face...and that BODY!!!
Johnny Depp more than makes up for the lack of Salma-licious-ness. Not only is he beautiful, he's an incredible actor. He's so Oedipal with his eyes poked out... I love his choices of movies/characters.
For once, Antonio Banderas doesn't annoy me.
Why is Willem DeFoe...nevermind...
and Eva Mendes...why? why? and again why?