Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Pictures! Cheese!!!

I thought I was done with the bottom, but realized upon attempting to sew it up that I needed to add a few more sections for it to fit...

In the home stretch! One or two more sections and it will be completed! Wait, I have to find buttons, and wash and block...it's always something. Amazingly enough, I was able to sew the sleeves in myself! I didn't have to beg mom to do it!

I love this scarf pattern, but I'm not really happy about the look of the dropped stitches with this yarn, so it may become a tank top or something.

I read this tutorial on recycling yarn and decided to try it...I found a pretty silk and cashmere sweater, ripped it to pieces and have a decent amout of yarn for $4! Pretty exciting. I will do it again, but next time I'll be smart enough to wait until summer...this yarn took a week to dry!

Pray that I'll have pictures of completed projects soon! YIPEEE...