Sunday, January 09, 2005

"We Gonna Blow UP!"

And no, that's not me kissing THAT girl...

"We gonna blow up"...that's the catch-phrase my last director and friend, Amber, uses ALL the time. She cracks me up...she says it with such sincerity and's hard to doubt that won't happen. I was fortunate enough to be cast in her USC thesis project, Triple Minority. It is a truly sweet and heart-felt short film about the rift that occurs between a young lesbian woman and her religious parents. It was an incredible acting experience for me, everyone was so great. I just hope all my future film sets are equally supportive.

Well, tonight I had the opportunity to see a rough cut of the film. I was scared at first, but my fears have been quelled. Of course, I think that I look fat, my voice is super annoying, my arms flail around unnecessarily, my hair is retarded [although I like the color]...a ton of personal criticisms...but overall, it looks really, really good. I'm happy with my performance..and I almost made myself cry! That was a strange experience, needless to say. There's more editing to be done, but I can finally rest my doubts about how I did. WHEW! 2005, baby, WE GONNA BLOW UP!!!

On the knitting side, I pulled aside some items from the stash to get rid of...eBAY, here I come!...and looked over the remainder for projects ideas. I'm also toying with the idea of starting in on some tank tops so that i can actually have something new to wear when the weather finally clears up. Ugh...decisions,'s never a matter of finding a project to's a matter of WHICH project to start.

Well, it's time for bed, tomorrow's the first day of school and I can't be crabby in front of the Children of America...although I have been known to be on more than one occasion. At least I can blame it on the rain and not sleep deprivation.