Monday, February 21, 2005

If I were a turkey, I'd be dead!

It's been raining like crazy here in LA. I've managed to stay dry for the most part, thank God.

I got to hang out with my cutie-patootie sister, Smoochy, yesterday and we ran around, glowed in the complements we received on our fabby scarves, shopped [but didn't buy anything!] and visited with family. Oh, family...sometimes good, sometimes bad...we just can't shake them!

I started in on the Rowan Cruise, I figure once I get past the initial increases, I'll start in on the Loverly Airy Mohair-y Cardi, then I can switch back and forth between the two. I've also become disallusioned with the Boat V-neck Tank. I think that it's going to go away for now. I'm sure it wil no time before I find the perfect tank pattern.

I also got my hands on the new Interweave Knits and the Rebecca 27 [knitting heaven! Rebecca twenty-seven!!!]. I have a few projects that I'm already eyeing and hoping yarn from my stash will fit the bill. Wouldn't that be the best? Smoochy and I were enthralled with the new Rebecca 29 [en ingles, no less!], so I'm on recon for that one!

Grrrr...back to work tomorrow...