Thursday, February 24, 2005

Picture Perfect!

Here's the humble beginnings of the Rowan Cruise. What? Only 14 more inches of straight stockinette stitch? Ode to joy...perfect for working on in the car, the bus, while watching TV, while lying comatose...

Knitting Bag-o-rama!

My Goodwill find! Unlike most bloggers, I don't find 100% cashmere chunky knit XXL sweaters that are brand new with the tags for 50 cents at my thrift store. Damn Goodwill on Vine! So needless to say, I feel like I scored big with these. They're made by some local woman named Toby Weston and they're just what I was lookin' for...and in my price range...CHEAP! There's a lot of room, pockets for all my tools and stuff n' stuff...that blue one is pretty you can see, I'm trying to find my lost shoe at the bottom!

Grandma's Ice Bucket
Not too long ago, my Grandmother had a fit of dealing with her mortality and decided to shake off some of the belongings holding her down. I guess she wanted to live a little bit lighter. I acquired this silver champagne bucket and since then it's been lurking around the apartment waiting to be used. I think it was purposefully tarnishing so that it could better blend into the shadows behind my yarn stash. Our paths crossed again this weekend and I have since brought it out into the light of day [or at least the artificial light of the camera's flash] and together we will find a use worthy of it's beauty and hertiage.

Use #1

My first thought was to use it as a needle holder. I thought that it would be much prettier than the utensil holder I'm currently using...but I don't know if I'm completely sold on using it for that purpose yet.

Use #1 1/2
Still life subject? I would call this 'Grandmother's Champagne Bucket, Knitting Needles, Red Cloth and Shag Carpet'. Nah, I suck at shading and blending. Although Conti Crayon is always a good time. Too many bad memories of my horrible high school art teacher...I'm still scarred...

Use #2

After a good polishing [actually semi-good, but you can't tell from these pictures really], I thought that it would be perfect as a yarn holder. My yarn can spin and dance around uninhibitedly as I knit...rather than being stuffed in a bag or rolling around the floor.

Use #3
Use it for it's intended purpose! Get a magnum of champagne, dress up in spring's best and brightest colors, and chase the doldrums of winter away with a spirited celebration in honor of Dionysus, Greek god of Wine, Women, Song and Patron of the Theatre! Maybe he'll bless me with a song for my heart, a blush for my cheeks and an acting job for my ass!