Monday, February 28, 2005

Secret and Not-So-Secret Pals!

I love the mail man!

You can guess why.

This weekend I got a package from Bloggin' Cali Pal Stacey and today I got a package from my super Secret Pal!

What? Mail that's not a bill??!?!

First off...from super Secret Pal, I got a cutie little tropical tote...perfect for a small knitting project or even to use as a *gasp* purse!?!?! Whodathunkit? I also received a little magnetic note pad, a handy dandy knitting counter [how did you know I was contemplating making 95 hash marks to keep count on my latest project?] and some YARN! Two balls of Katia Twist [one neutral and one fun] and a ball of some cashmere/merino blend...I LOVE THAT COLOR!!! I get many a-compliment when I wear that color, so I'm going to have to find a special project for that. Hee hee hee!!!

A package? For Me?!?!

And while we're on the orange tip...Stacey sent me some beautiful hand dyed wool yarn...softy-soft and fabulous!!! I'm think I have the perfect project in mind for it. She also sent me some cocktail stitch makers [you can bet I'm already putting those to good use] that I really appreciate, too.

Thanks Girls!

ooOOOooOooOoooo...I feel a quick knit project coming on...