Sunday, March 20, 2005

Ah, finally knitting news!

I guess all those hours in my non-existant trailer have paid off! I have knitting pictures to post and stuff to blog!

I had a fun day with Smoochy. We had lunch, visited with Gram at her care facility, did a little errand running, went by Velona [a yarn store in Orange County...more about that in a sec], swung by the house to say hi to Dad and Cricket [the dog], went grocery shopping, got some Coldstone and finally arrived back at Smoochy's many hours later.


My Mom has knitted practically all my life and I remember being subjected to Velona as a young girl. Going back there, it doesn't seem anything has changed. I was overwhelmed by that amount of yarn they have. Wall to wall bags of yarn, yarn, yarn. The staff was friendly and helpful and Smoochy and I dug our way around. I was dealing with sensory overload, so I didn't find anything to buy, but Smoochy got this:

It's a silk/mohair blend for the Butterfly tank from Rowan 29. She wanted this yarn in a dark gray, but we could only find 2 balls. We dug and dug [then I dug some more], but Smoochy decided that this color would be a good change from her black/gray heavy wardrobe.

If you do have the chance to visit Velona, I recommend it. It may not be as well organized as most LYS's, but it was an experience. Who knows what you'll find! Also, next time I think that it would be best if I have a specific yarn I'm looking for or project in mind...I wasn't looking for anything in particular and my focus was scattered. Too much good stuff.

Finally! Pictures!
Here is the Rowan Cruise in all it's gray glory. After getting it all together, I'm not 100% sure I'm in love with it. Thank god it can't read this, huh? I've worn it twice and it's growing on me though. I took some time to decided whether I wanted to add fringe or not...I was going to leave it bare, but decided that it needed a little something. I mixed some of the leftover ASC with some lighter gray funky mohair/wool yarn from the stash for the fringe. I decided to leave it a little sparce for the moment. I thought that fringe around the sleeve would be a little excessive, so I left it off. Imagine trying to eat lunch with fringe for days hanging off your arm! I have 8 or so balls of the All Season Cotton left over from the original 20, so I'll use that and THEN add more fringe. Thanks for everyone's encouragement during my 'Cruise Seaming Dilemma'...I did approach the Knitting Bag Dwelling Monkey for assistance, but he felt that seaming advice was below his level of expertise. Damn high strung monkey.

After knitting and seaming and blocking, I was concerned that the ASC would be too stiff. I washed it, let it dry and lo and behold, it hangs much nicer. I lOoOOooOoOve this yarn! I think that I might take a break from knitting with it right now, while I finish....

Airy, The Hairy Mohairy Cardigan
I started this...when? Who can remember? You'll have to check the previous posts section. I made the ruffles sections [bottom and sleeves], and then picked up 150 stitches from the bottom ruffle for the body. It's coming along so nicely. This is my first time knitting with's been fun! I haven't needed to cough up a fur ball yet, so I think that's a good thing. I've finished the left front section and am close to finishing the right. I think it's going to be really pretty [new sweater happy dance in progress]!!!

Here's an up close and personal of the subtle pattern and of the flouncy.

Smoochy's projects

This is the Cozy wrap from Knitty from some gray wool [or is it silk?] yarn. She's really enjoying the lace's going to be so pretty!

White Lies Angelina
Smoochy got this really nice wool yarn from Webs. She did a little color removal and was pretty pleased with the color. It's coming along...if I just weren't for all that two by two rib! She's doing a great job, huh?

Ok...long and drawnout, but now I'm done! ... whew ...