Thursday, March 24, 2005

This Silk and Cashmere Recycled Yarn doesn't like me

I made significant progress on the Rebecca Chevon Tank! I finished the front [with the yarn overs done correctly] and started in on the back for the second time. I finished 60 rows and realized that something was horribly wrong. Oh, did I completely breeze by the two decreases down the center around row 23 and another decrease around row 42? Yes I did! DAMN DECEPTIVELY EASY PATTERN! I tried to get a crochet hook and correct the problem, but just created a bigger mess and had to rip it all out. Wait, did I just see that I also made a mistake on the front? I might see if I can pass it by Smoochy at lunch today and see if she notices...regardless, it's on the front and I'll always see it. DAMN IT!!! I can hopefully correct that problem with my crochet hook, if not, the tank will forever be known as The Silk and Cashmere Frog.

I guess I don't need to say that there are no pictures because this tank is officially on punishment?

And there's this:
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