Monday, April 11, 2005

Actual knitting content? Say it's so!

We're chillin' out in our hotel room [YEA Marriott for having in-room internet] and I'm working on trying to figure out the mess of my knitting projects.

For all my planning, I don't know if I really brought a workable project with me. Can you believe that? I have the Kiri shawl that I would like to work on, but like I said before, that simply isn't a 'knit in the van' pattern. I did bring a few other things, but somehow, the patterns aren't working out. Bummer drag. I need a yarn store, STAT! It'll have to wait til I have some spendable income [YEA payday!] until then, I'm going to try to start again on the Kiri. I think this is the 5th time. For some reason, I'm having issues with yarn-overs. They keep resulting in twisted stitches rather than open holes. That's another reason for the Kiri False Starts [Hereby known as KFS]. If anyone has any suggestions for this left handed knitter, I would love you for life!

I think that I might also resurrect a project of old that I brought along with me to frog. I was going to turn the 1930's bra in into a tank. I had knitted up the bra itself [but hadn't sewn it together] and just needed to figure out how I wanted to attach the bottom part [that will serve as a cover for my indecently fabby tummy]. We'll see, I guess I might actually have a project I can work on rather than just scratching my head trying to figure something, anything out.

I am loving the new Knitty as always. I'm digging on the Cleaves, but what to wear it with? Asana, I might think about that one too. I do have some lovely Alpaca Cloud from Delia that will make a lovely Branching Out. Too much good stuff!