Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Indianapolis is condusive to knitting

Well we made it it Indy. This is Vonyse's hometown, so we've had the opportunity to hang with her family for a bit. It's been really nice to see everyone. We're leaving tonight [technically tomorrow, since it will be 3am-ish] for our Chicago and Virgin Instore shows. More tour van hijinks and fun! Just kidding it's been far.

On a knitting note, I finally have gotten over my KFS [Kiri False Start] issue. I have now knitted 5 ROWS! I know, I know. You're too proud of me, right? It's sad when I get excited about knitting 5 rows. GEEZ!

I've also put together the 1930's bra, have picked up the stitches on the bottom and am knitting away. Since it's a simple knit, I can almost knit in the dark. I get too afraid of dropping stitches, so I stop once it's pitch black. I guess I should take a picture so there's proof that I've actually knitted something on this trip.

Time to get to work...check out the Tour Blog for stories and pictures from the road.