Monday, April 18, 2005

New York is my kind of town

We made it to NYC! I love this place! Sure it smells like piss and garbage in places. But it so big and so cool and so crowded...I just love visiting. Tomorrow's a busy day, I've got to visit my favorite Great Aunt and then we've got a show at 6 at the Lion's Den. Fun stuff.

Knitting is also coming along. I haven't picked up Kiri since completing those 5 rows...but I'm still celebrating getting that far. I talked to Smoochy who also started Kiri and I think she's farther along than me. Oh well...once I can sit still, I'm sure I'll be buzzing along on it too. The 1930 bra/tank is coming along. This is my first time adapting a pattern...making it up as I go along is somewhat worrysome. I keep wondering if it will be cute or if it will be a failed attempt at something cool or if I should have mapped it out better before just jumping in. Pattern making 101, I guess. I just keep telling myself to keep at it and it will turn out better than I'm thinking it will. Eh, the worst thing that will happen is I pull it out and start over.

I guess since we're in a hotel for the night, I can take some pictures to post so you can see what the hell I'm talking about.
Maybe later...