Friday, May 13, 2005

Anyone else...?

Is anyone else tired of Angelina Joile being referred to as 'pillow lipped'? I'm sorry, but I'm about to be super politically incorrect, so I'll give you another blog to check out if you want something else to read.

Check out Kackie C.
Or some Foolish Gibberish

Now on to me sticking my foot in my blogging mouth. Back in the day, you know what they would have called them. N*gg*r Lips. Folks would have wondered who her daddy was. But since most women want to be her, men want to screw her and everyone says how wonderful she is, she's called 'pillow lipped'. If she were a black woman it wouldn't be 'pillow lipped. It would But on a non black woman? It's like Jennifer Lopez and that damn ass. You think those of Latin decent are making it more dreamy that it is? Nah, that's normal. Let's just call a spade a spade. The girl's got thick lips. The girl's got a big butt. Let's not romance it and make it more dreamy that it really is.