Friday, May 13, 2005

If loving acrylic is wrong, do I want to be right?

I'm not what I would call a 'yarn snob'. 'Yarn Ho', yes, 'yarn snob', not so much. I am having two really good experiences with *GASP* acrylic of late. First off, the Caron Simply Soft. It's soft, it's nice to knit with. I don't think that I would knit garments for myself, but I will certainly consider it for future baby projects...let's hope not TOO many...I need time to knit for me, after all.

My second good experience started yesterday. My plan was to exchange some old yarn I wasn't excited about for some Patrons Grace. Once I got to the store, I realized it was more cost effective for me to exchange it out for some Lion's Brand Microspun. Hmmmm...Lion's Brand? I liked the Homespun when I first started, but hated how it wore over time. Hmmm...what overly bright Microspun color should I choose? I settled on a safe dark purple color and for my 4 balls, I got 5! YIPEEE! What to make? I thought about the Fiery Bolero in IK, but when I got home I looked through the Vogue knitting, summer edition.

I'm loving the Short Sleeve Top
Tara over at Dirty Purls made one in Microspun red, and it turned out beautifully. Should I copy, or should I make

The Lace Trim Bolero? So cute, and maybe it will fulfill my shrug fixation...a shrug but cuter? There are several being made around blogger-ville right now, so I'd at least be one of the cool kids.

I think that I'm leaning toward the bolero, since I'll probably need to buy one more ball to make the Short Sleeved Top. At $3 a ball though, why am I complaining?

I'll have to go through that stashette tonight and see if there is yarn enough for both projects.