Sunday, May 29, 2005

LoOooOOOoOoOong Weekend! Pt. 2: Hangover?

Well, needless to say, I didn't make it to the party at 6. I did however, look fabulous, if I do say so myself [or you could just go by what I'll say everyone else said]. Thanks to Karen, deLIA and Superstahr Stacey for honing their abstract thinking skills on that challenging SAT question. Yes, in theory and in real life, the answer was D. I guess there could have been another answer:
E: When trasforming one's self into a Superstarra, time is relative. The party will start when the self-proclaimed Superstarra gets there anyway.

It was SOOOooOoOo much fun! So many people came that we love and cherish that it made the night special. Vonyse's performance was incredible. I had a great time running around [literally and figuratively], talking to friends, having a Cosmo or three and especially seeing folks who I hadn't in a long time. I hope everyone had as much of a time as I did!

My friend's baby shower was yesterday at a place called the Stuffed Sandwich [really great Raspberry Ale/Beer/Juice with alcohol]...of course, since even knitting takes a back seat to being a Superstarra, the Lil Devil Pants are still in need of seaming. I told mommy-to-be that her baby's gift was still in the 'knitting process' [using my heady method acting terminology] and would be arriving soon. You really can't rush the process. Anyway, this gives me more time a make the Lil Devil Baby Hat and maybe a little blanket. Geeez...I need to make some stuff for me too!

After the shower, I drove with my Lil Bro...
[sidebar: not really my Lil Bro, but we were cast as brother and sister once. Nevermind the fact that I'm Black and Chinese, he's Filipino and our parents were blonde and blue eyed...and not in a Beyonce/Mary J. Blige/Paris Hilton way, but naturally blonde and blue eyed. Ah, the beauty of colorblind casting...]
...up to Oxnard for a college friend's birthday party [really good sangria...I wish I could remember the recipe...I do remember the apple bits]. On the way home, we stopped by Drake's on Melrose for a little late night Porn Run. Shopping for gay porn is always a good time...that's what I call spending quality time together.

I'm awake's almost noon...time to hunt down some eats. Why does The Griddle on Sunset have to be so far away?
Ah, I love a long weekend!

P.S. Does anyone know how to change my little icon girl to a more Cafe Au Lait/Carmel hue? YIPEEEE!!!!