Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Recovering from Ditch Day...

Boy it was difficult going back to work.
I made it through and when I got home took a 2 hour nap and I'm feeling a little better.

Here are some pictures that I thought I'd share!

Look Ma, I don't have a Black Thumb anymore!

First off, some pictures of my Kalanchoes. I love these plants. Their super easy to take care of and the flowers are so pretty.

These flowers were about to bloom before we left on tour last month. I was afraid that I would miss my first flowering, but when we got home, they were in full bloom, with more on the way! Two weeks later, they're still here. They must have been waiting for their picture to be taken.

These are the yellow Kalanchoes! Their just starting to bloom and the flowers are scattered around the plant. I love the has a little orange on the tips. So cute!

Now on to the knitting content!

The completed side of the Lil Devil Pants from SnB Nation. I'm working on the second half and will hopefully have them done by the time my friend has her shower. If not, you better believe, I'm giving her half a pair of pants! I'll be sure to sew in those hangin' tails. I forgot to the the leg decreases, so this version is boot cut...very fashionable in the baby pant world this season.

The completed back of the Lace Trim Bolero. This part went fairly quickly...I'm enjoying this pattern so far, and I'm really digging the Microspun. I'm interested to get this done and wear it to see if I love the yarn or if it's just infatuation.

One front completed! One on the sticks.! If I weren't feeling so crappy, I would work on it tonight, but I think that I'm going to rest. Besides, I have other projects [sewing...shh!] that I need to work on, since I have a deadline on that. More to come!