Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Thanks and I've been tagged...TWICE!

Thanks to everyone who is embracing me during this 'momentary lapse of emotionality'. There is a Deepak Chopra book in the apartment, so I'll give it a look-see. I feel I'm stalled...at a stand still right now. No moving forward or back...I guess I'll have to spend some time 'feeding my soul' and finding inspiration within and from those around me [that includes you!]. Maybe I'll call out from work and go to a museum this week...

In knitting news: Have I installed my Airy sleeves? No. Am I going to tonight? Probably not, because I'm really enjoying working on Kiri. I'm close to starting the edging, so I think I'll keep working on that. We'll see.

In meme news: Can anyone tell me why it's called meme? I can usually figure this stuff out, but this escapes me. I digress...I've been tagged twice! Let's see what my answers are. Meme I & II coming up!