Sunday, June 26, 2005

A Purse A Weekend Keeps The WIPS In Check

After completing the Orange Cable Purse, I thought I had this cable purse thing down. Well almost. Here's my second attempt. Let me start by saying, 'A mohair purse, Christie?!?'? Sure why not!!! I have 2 1/2 skeins left over from the Airy Cardigan, and this used up the 1/2 skein. I wasn't sure how the cables would look in mohair, but I think it's pretty cute. Since I had more than enough yarn, I was able to make it wider and longer, so it could actually function as a purse. I remembered to put in the yarn overs before and after each cable and rib so that threading the ribbon through was much, much easier. What I learned from this purse experiment is that I need to add at least 4 stitches to each end so that the purse itself can open wider. Also, the dowels are a little long, so I will need to plan accordingly so that too much dowel isn't hanging out.

This is an inside view of the Mohair Cable Purse. Miss Singer 478 was instrumental in the making of this purse. I actually sewed the lining to the knitted fabric this time and then reinforced that seam with the yarn going round the dowels. I think that next time [probably next weekend] I'll add a pocket to the inside lining.

Not bad for a second attempt, but there's still room for improvement. I can't give these less than perfect models away, can I? Oh darn, I don't think so! I'll just have to suffer carrying around these flawed purses...woe is me!

BTW: I think I've reached 15 inches to the front of Orangina and will start of on the back the week! YEAH!