Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Decision or Indecision...THAT... Is The Question

Well citizens, I'm still deciding on whether to work on Hearten in the current yarn. I haven't touched it since this weekend. I showed it to Smoochy and she left the decision up to me. Do I choose to frog or not to frog? The back lace section, with all it's twisted stitches is bugging me, and if I pull it out the reknit it, I might as well just start over in a better yarn [ie Calmer], right? Right? Even the Skinny Rabbit was going on today about how much she loves the Calmer yarn [she's started in on Whisper which is going to be gorgeous]. I think that I'm just going to have to frog and start over. I'd hate to be disappointed in it. Besides that, I will put the frogged yarn to immediate use, making Hopeful. I joined the KAL and would like to actually knit-a-long with the other KAL'ers. So, RIP, Hearten. I promise it won't be too long before I start you again.

I'm still working on Hobo, it's coming along nicely. I'm having some calculating issues, but am really trying to have faith that it's going to come out all right. I'm at the 'work both sides separately'. I can do math, right? Right?

This is exhausting.