Monday, August 22, 2005

Ghost of Sweaters Past....

Remember her? Well most of you wouldn't, since she's been hidden away like an ugly step-sister with a hairy mole. Meet Hearten [aka The Lingering-Christie's-Going-To-Constantly-Complain-About-K3Tog's-In-The-Lace-Section-And-Instead-Of-Completing-Let-Languish-For-6-Months Sweater] from Rowan's Calmer Collection. I fell in love with Miss Hearten when I first laid my beady little eyes on her. Since I couldn't [and still can't] afford Calmer, I decided to make her from a not so equal substitute yarn that shall remain nameless here. I've noticed something about myself recently. The sweaters that I love [and I mean obsessive LOVE] I never seem to make. Why is that? I love Hearten and have had the pattern book in my greasy little mitts since last year, but instead of completing it, I've made other projects. Maybe it's because I know my love for these sweaters will stand the test of time, so I can spend a month of two on some other project instead of the one that I would probably wear the hell out of. Maybe I don't want the disappointment of screwing up a beautiful design that I love so well.
This is the back of Miss Hearten, completed back in February. I picked the pattern up again this weekend and after weighing the option to frog or just complete it, I started in on the front. I'm almost complete with the waist shaping. I really have grown as a knitter, because the K3tog's that I was complaining about before were so easy. I guess after attempting a TRUE nightmare like lace, almost anything is easy. I'm excited to get this done and out of my hair and on to my torso.

So, in recap, Christie learned a few things this weekend.
1. If you love it, knit it. Don't wait and don't get distracted with other projects that your not as excited about.
2. Challenge yourself with difficult projects! The improvement to your skills will mean the sky's the limit and less complaining about K3tog's on your blog.
3. Don't let your projects sit for 6 months. Because if you do improve your skills [working on #2], you may return to a project you started 6 months ago and be amazed at how unskilled you once were! You don't want to struggle with the decision of pulling out completed portions of your work because you can see your mistakes or because you realize you may have not used the best yarn for the project.

Hmmm...maybe I should frog it, splurge on some Calmer and use this yarn for Hopeful.