Monday, August 29, 2005

Leaf Scarf Progress

I thought I'd post some pictures of my progress on the Leaf Pattern Scarf. I'll admit, I've been fairly lazy about taking progess pictures. Anyway in honor of all the dark pictures we've been seeing in all the mags, I'm posting my own picture taken without a flash or much thought to the lighting situation. The scarf is coming along fairly nicely, the pattern is really easy and is pretty quick. I switched out to bamboo needles which has alleviated the problem of my stitches slipping off the metals.

I keep looking at the colors and am not 100% I'm in love with it. Regardless, since I've been embracing the pink, I know I'll wear it regardless. I'm sure I'll love it once it's all done and blocked. I'm already contemplating colors for another one of these, in actual falling leaf colors...rust, gold and green. Like I'd know, I've lived in Southern California all my life! We don't have seasons!!!

Here's an Up Close and Personal picture. I guess it looks pretty cute. Only 40 or so more inches to go!