Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Projects, Projects!

Since the KAL is starting soon, I've been trying to get some stuff done and avoid getting caught up in anything new. I actually only have two projects going right now, if you can believe that!

Rowan Hobo: I got stuck at the neck decreases. I need a break from all that mathmitizing and calculating and rechecking...and those size 3's. Besides that I guess I kinda caught the 'I'm sick of Summer Knits' that was going around. I'll pick it up again, and since the neck edge is cabled, this can qualify as one of my Cable KAL projects.

Vogue Fall Leaf Scarf: It's still coming along. Laina just posted pictures of her finished scarf. She decided to knit two sides and graft them together, rather than having all the leaves face the same way. I thought about it, but it was a fleeting thought. I'm still working on mine, but it's just getting a little too cumbersome to tote back and forth on the bus. Besides that, since school started, the bus has been more crowded. The javelin-length bamboo knitting needles are making it difficult...I'd hate to poke out some unsuspecting commuter's eye out. My friend, the Mayor, wouldn't like that. Anyway, I should be done soon.

I'm going to share this with you, because I feel this is a safe environment for self disclosure.
I've swatched for my Fall Cable KAL project. I'm not going to admit to starting my project before the official start date. If I did, I would have to say that it's because it's an involoved sweater and it doesn't really count anyway because I've only worked on the ribbing. Besides ribbing isn't the same as cables.

If you press me about it, I'll deny all knowledge of how nice the grey Winter Cotton is knitting up. I don't know what you're talking about.

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