Thursday, September 15, 2005


I work at an elementary school. I thought it would be a great idea for us to have a blood drive on campus. We have 60+ staff members and 600+ students [who have parents who make blood on the regular].

I asked our Health Coordinator to throw it out to the Principal [I figured it would be big brownie points].

The Principal said that a written proposal justifing the reason for having a blood drive would need to be submitted.


Here's my rough draft:
1. One of staff member's son was shot 5 times down the street from the school. He survived, thank God.
2. Another of our other staff members lost two family members to the Hurricane. And many of our community have displaced family members.
3. The number of children who have lost a parent to domestic violence or disease.
4. One of our students has sickle cell anemia.
5. One our students is a hemophiliac.
6. We're in a primary African-American community and we need to be proactive.
7. An alarmingly high number of our students are related someone who has been shot.
8. The staff and teachers need to set and example for future donors.
9. We need to show these children how they can give back the their community and world in general in a way that doesn't cost them anything.
10. We're alive and we can.

Justification, my ass.