Monday, September 05, 2005

What's My Motivation? Hot Lava!!!

Well here she is, in all her green glory! My first official Fall Finished Object!

Pattern: Hot Lava available for free!
Yarn: 1lb cone [about 500 yds] of Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky in Deep Pine purchased from Oregon Trail Yarn and Books.
Needles: Bryspun DPN size 11 and Susan Bates Quicksilver 36" size 11 circulars.
Exposition: This was a pretty straightforward knit. It would have been done a lot sooner, but it was just too hot! There was some confusion about the sleeves and where the increases were supposed to fall, but I contacted the pattern author and she cleared it up for me. I calculated the necessary yardage incorrectly and was very short. I corrected the problem by only doing 9 increases on the bolero part [instead of 11] and I also had to take the cuffs down to 6 rounds [rather than 20]. You can see how much yarn I have left over. It worked out because the sleeves were waaaaaay too long anyway. I love the color [I'm even kinda diggin it in combination with that chartreuse green tank...but the heart pj pants are overkill] and although the yarn seems to shed a bit, I think that will calm down with a wash. There are no pattern specifics on how to close this shrug, since there are so many options to take advantage of. I considered sewing on a button and i-cording a button lasso or two out of the bit of leftovah yarn, but was put off by the thought trying to find the perfect cool enough button.
Then I remembered this vintage-y sweater clip that I bough years ago. Very sassy, let me tell you! The chain is entirely too long, so I'll just have to shorten it a bit. I also have a myriad of pins and brooches that can also serve as a closure. Ok, I may not use the 'Food Not Bombs' pin, but I just thought I'd throw it in for the fun of it.