Friday, September 09, 2005

What's Next?

Two projects down. What's next? I don't have yarn for Apricot, so that's going to have to wait. I don't think that I'm quite ready to give the gloves a try yet, and the project I have in mind for intarsia needs a tad bit more consideration. I guess that leaves my cable project, right? The KAL doesn't officially start until the 22nd. I'm resisting casting on. Is it really starting if I just do the ribbing? That darn Winter Cotton is calling me. cables ... Cables ... CABLES!!! I'll wait. I guess that leaves my other option: Quick Knits for Holiday Gifts. I was directed to this Australian magazine's website, Yarn, today...check out the side bar purse patterns...cute stuff! Perfect for stash busting and Christmas of these will be my project for this weekend...

Also, I wanted to give some perspective on less than single hank of Alpaca Cloud Kiri. You can see a view from the back...I'm holding it in the front. No option to tie or pin it as the cast off edge is too tight to stretch. You can also see my crappy ass non-blocking blocking job.
It looks a little better as a neck scarf, right? I think so. You can't see the lace pattern, but it's pretty and soft and I love the color. I'm struggling with the thought of Kiri in general...but I think that I'm going to send it to my 80+ year old Aunt Becky in NYC. My only reservation is that it's not perfect...but it's sentimental as it's my first all out lace project. I think that she'll love it despite it's faults. I might take off the cast off edge and try another method that might give me more stretch. We'll see how industrious I feel.