Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Headshots, Flora and Skulls, OH MY!

Well, Citizens, I had my headshot photoshoot yesterday...I think it went pretty well. We took enough pictures that there should be at least 3 that I don't have a double chin, closed eyes or chub floating above my waistband. Regardless of that and the Mount Fuji sized pimple on my cheek, I'm confident that most of the photos will be usable. Then I just have to narrow my choices down, find $$$ to get prints and start sending those babies out. I'm telling you, 2006 is it!

As stress relief [and sometimes stress inducers] I'm muscling through my knitting projects. I finished up Grandma's Flora, but will wait until I see her before putting it all together [to unsure proper button placement]. That being done, I started a second Flora for my niece using the leftover recycled cashmere from my Rebecca Chevron Tank. I also casted on Smoochy's gift [she already knows about it]. I'm adapting the AntiCraft's Snowball's Chance In Hell Wristwarmers into a scarf. This is my first real attempt at Intarsia and it's been a challenge...and I'm only half way through the first chart! AGH! It's a process trying not to get tangled up, deciding how to weave the yarn, reading the chart...all while watching Project Runway [aka: new obsession]?!?!! Ugh...thank God I've got another gift in mind for her [hee hee hee - she doesn't know about this one!] because it's a Snowball's Change In Hell that it will be done for Christmas.

Now I've got to get back to this job [aka distraction from my knitting time].