Sunday, December 18, 2005

WHAT'S MY MOTIVATION? Christmas is a week away!

Where are the Knitting Elves when you need them? Some folks will be getting IOU's this year...Regardless, here's picture heavy post of what's up next, what's almost done and what has a snowball's chance in hell of getting done by the 25th.

I wanted to make a little sweater for my mom's dog, Cricket. She's such a little cutie! I don't know if they'll actually put it on her, but it will be good for a laugh regardless. I should be able to get doggy measurements this week, and the yarn is so chunky it will probably knit up super quick. I thought blue and green stripes would be cute. The pattern was from here.

I need to get started on a hat for my nephew who's living up in Tacoma, Washington. I made him a funky black/ white/ green earflap hat last year, and he requested a red and black one. I bought the yarn, but just haven't gotten around the knitting it up for him. It may have to wait until I can get a proper measurement of his head [since it's so freakin' big! The kid is 15 and already 6'2"!!!]. I should see him before Christmas, so this one can wait a hot second before getting started on it. I'm thinking that instead of stripes, I may try a color combo cable. We'll see, the yarn is so thick it may not work.

Some Suss cotton on an annoying pink and yellow combo that is horribly ugly, yet beautiful. When it's knit up it takes on a sort of orange-y color. This shall be my third and final Flora for my third [and not so final] niece. I plan on knitting the scarf part in the mix, then separating the pink for the flower and the yellow for the inside.

Speaking of Flora, here's Grandma's completed [almost] scarf. Here's a quick run down on the specs: I used a ball of All Season's Cotton for the scarf and combined some left over Wool of the Andes in pink and red for the flower. I think it came out pretty cute. Once I see Gram, I'll get the proper placement for the button and sew it up! I know she'll love it!

This is Flora #2. I used the leftover recycled silk/cashmere for this one. The soft pinky/purple is so perfect for a little girl. The flower doesn't have the depth that Grandma's does, but it's still cute. I'll find a sassy button to set it off. All that's left to do is to sew in the loose ends and get proper button placement.

This is a headband for one of my co-workers. I should have finished it up to give to her on Friday, but I'll just have to make a lunch date with her and give it to her then. Besides that, I wanted to make her another one. I originally was using the Lacy Hair Tamer Headband pattern from Interweave, but for some reason had a mental block while reading the chart. I decided to just use a repeating leaf pattern instead. It's very pretty, but in need of some serious blocking and a little grafting together. I'm thinking that I need to reknit the garter stitch section with some elastic thread or iCord the end so she can tie it.

Lastly, Smoochy's gift. Here is the adapted Snowball's Chance in Hell Scarf. I was having a little bit of trouble with the intarsia, but I've found my way and am almost enjoying it. ALMOST! I'm just excited for the finished product. Only 4 1/2 more charts to go!

Ok, that's it for now...time to get some breakfast and back to the needles.