Friday, December 02, 2005

Let's File That Under 'How Should I Take That?'

SooOOOOooooOOOoo, I was working on my monthly bulletin board today. The Principal, for some reason, was sitting in the Main Office at one of the desks. I was stapling away, making my December vision a reality. Staff [and some students] who came into the office and noticed what I was doing commented on how 'artsy' I am and how nicely things were going.
The Principal says to me:

"Miss Christie, since you're not going to make it as an actress, you could just go around doing bulletin boards for the teachers.'


Choose your own adventure!
How should Christie respond?
1. Y'know, I could make a good living off decorating bulletin boards for overwhelmed teachers. Let me get right on that!
2. Fuck you.
3. What do you mean? At which point I would break down and cry, beat my chest and whimper. Veeeerrry method.
4. Maybe I should just become a Principal of a school. Obviously it isn't that hard.
5. Fuck you, did I ask for your opinion?
6. Fuck you. And by the way, don't ever expect a shout out from me. I 'forget' people like you.
7. Not make it? Thanks for the vote of confidence. And by the way, fuck you.
8. Are you compelled to eat everything in sight or are you making up for some great failure in your life by shitting on my dream with your own sense off loss and regret at your own unrealized potential? Regardless, fuck you.
9. Does it hurt to walk on feet that look like baguettes?
10. Um, right. Fuck you.

Well, TACT lead me to just blow off this backhanded compliment and just say that I charge $50 an hour. She, of course had to counter with, 'that's too expensive'. Whatever.