Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Hmmm...I've been shaken.

I had my class last night and my scene partner [who is also touting 2006 as the year of non-flake-dom} and I were hoping that we wouldn't be called to perform. We were planning on rocking the house next week, when we had our lines totally memorized.

Wouldn't you know, he called us first.

It wasn't horrible, but I must say I wasn't pleased nor proud. I still find my voice annoying, but I think that the color I was wearing looked good on me, as did my lipstick.

The glass is always half full in Superstarra-ville.

I guess it's good that we had a weak start because next time, we'll show improvement. It's like the reality shows. There are always frontrunners that you expect to do well every week, but it's usually the dark horses who fly under the radar that seem to walk away with the big prizes.

I'll remember you all when I accept my Oscar next year.