Monday, January 23, 2006

I *heart* My Mom

Didja know that I love my mom? She's the best. I've written before that she's a kick ass knitter and crocher and needlepointer and cake decorator, but bestest thing of all...she found my Snowball's Chance in Hell! What a relief to have my scarf back! I feel a little guilty since it's been a month since I had a chance to work on it, and in that time I've started 3 other projects [one of which is already completed!]! I love this Clapo-tres, by the way. A scarf sized-sock weight Clapotis is a pretty quick project. I adore the colors! And it matches so perfectly with a lavender sweater Mom gave me yesterday [thank god it was a little to tight on her, right?]. It might be a little tight on me after we chow down next weekend for Chinese New Year! My mom is going to hook it up! I guess I should do some sit ups now so my stomach can effectively digest all the good grub. Ah, moms! What would we do without them?

Maggie is coming a long, I completed that back section and decided rather than jump right into the front section, I thought I would knit a sleeve. Sleeve 1 should be done on the way home today and Sleeve 2 will be started on the way to work tomorrow. Tonight I will be working on Snowball's. Hee hee, I typed snowballs.

Also, I think that I've narrowed the 140 headshots down to 4. There is one that is frontrunner with everyone who looks through them, and the masses must be listened to! Who I am I to deny the world my very best picture?!?!? I've just got to clean it up and get to the printers.

2006 baby...I think you know what I'm talking about.