Friday, January 27, 2006

In The Year of Me, It's All About The Meme

Ten Things People Like That I Don't:
[It originally said 'friends', but I'm going to generalize]

1. Ugg boots. In LA they are just wrong. Wrong, I tell you. WRONG.
2. Kiera Knightly. Sure, she's talented [although I don't find her that memorable]. But when she speaks, it sounds like a put on English accent, which annoys the hell out of me, but is so fun to mimic.
3. Flat Boots. Give me a heel, which in turn, will give me a bootie.
4. Tofu. Sure it doesn't taste like anything. Somehow the consistency is just nasty. Besides, why eat something with no flavor?
5. Beer. I've always been told I need to acquire a taste for beer. I look for instant gratification in my alcoholic beverages.
6. Friends. Boy I'm going to make some enemies here. That show just never appealed to me.
7. Thai food. I don't hate it, but somehow it doesn't appeal to me as much as other foods. This is especially annoying because I seem to be surrounded by Thai restaurants.
8. American Cheese. Margarine. Sugar substititues. I prefer eating foods derived from something natrual rather than something manufactured in a lab.
9. Reality TV. Okay, I do watch ANTM and Project Runway. But as an actress, I have to support shows that employ actors and not regular people!