Tuesday, February 21, 2006

One Day Down, Three To Go...

I love short weeks. Thank God for those presidents having birthdays in the same month.

There are a few things going on here in Superstarra-ville.
First off, my Fall/Winter list. I'm pretty proud of myself, almost all my knitting goals are complete. I'm really focused on getting Snowball's Chance Scarf [the intarsia goal] done before March 20, the Spring Solstice [and before it's too warm for Smoochie to enjoy].
I'm also finishing up my next list, which shall be unveiled later today. It was originally going to a Spring list, but I went a bit overboard and just decided to extend it through Summer. I'm pretty excited about it. I know that I'll be distracted quite a bit since both my cousin and a close friend are due for stork visits in the coming months, so it's best to keep the deadline fluid. It's going to be a stash busting extravaganza, let me tell you.
I'm also deciding if I'm feeling the Sweater for My Sweetie love. The current pattern is kinda boring [too much stockinette that is going very slowly] and my instinct is telling me that the resulting sweater will be too bulky for her petite frame [it certainly isn't my fear of installing a zipper]. There's this sweater [or the similar pink one in the same issue] that I would love to make from Rebecca 27 [just a bit shorter]. When I first saw it I though it was very her...I may just use my veto power and make the switch.