Wednesday, February 22, 2006

We Don't Need No Stinking Gopher

A little while back, the groundhog predicted 6 more weeks of winter. Well, here in Superstarra-ville, we don't need no stinking gophers telling us how many more weeks of a freakin' season we'll be having.

With most of the What's my Motivation? Fall/Winter List complete, I'm ready to reveal

oh-Six Spring Cleaning Stashbuster-ama
and Summer Stitch Fest

1. Lace Revisited: Last season I completed my first lace-weight yarn lace project, the Kiri Shawl. It wasn't exactly what I expected. The pattern was great, but hindsight tells me the experience would have been better [and faster] if I would have used the recommended needle size rather than going smaller. For my Lace Revisited project, I'm going to knit Rowan 37's Butterfly tank. My sister and I had planned to knit Butterfly together, but Kiri was all the lace I could handle. At least I can learn from her experience.
2. Knitting with beads: Not necessarily on a large scale, but just to have the experience. Butterfly may satisfy this quest. I'm just not 100% if I want to revisit lace and try to manipulate beads all at the same time. Grumperina's Odessa is another pattern that I'm interested in.
3. Argyle: I love this vest and it's been in the back of my mind for the longest. How can I resist? First, it's orange. How cool is that? Second, it's argyle. I didn't wear argyle back in the 80's, but it's 2006 and I'm feeling the argyle love. I don't want to deviate too far from this color scheme, although I'm considering making the oranges a little deeper or I may have some pink stash yarn that will do the trick.

4. Bobbles: I'm intrigued by bobbles. I love Saun's beautiful cable bobble shawl and this cabled skirt from VK has piqued my interest. I may knit the skirt first, since I have yarn in the stash that will work. My only concern is that the pattern calls for a wool and my stash yarn is cotton. The cotton factor concerns me. I do think that I'm up for the challenge of more complicated charted cabled patterns.
5. Apricot Jacket: This is all dependent on yarn. I'm trying to stash bust, so buying yarn for a big project may not be in the cards until I get rid of a lot of what I have.
6. Sweater For My Sweetie: I know it's bad luck but she's been asking for a sweater for the longest. I started the VK Zippered Cardigan, but am not sure if I'm feeling the love. My gut feeling is that the resulting sweater will be a little more bulky than I'd like for her. I'm going to weigh my options and let it marinate for a bit. I'd love to knit one of the tunics from Rebecca 27 or even the Caftan from the recent IK.
7. Mermaid Mesh: Remember Mermaid Mesh? Yeah, well me too. I remember starting and getting confused and being frustrated with the chart and finally pretending like it didn't exist. Well, the yarn is still in the stash, it’s Spring damn it...I'm going to rise to the challenge and attempt it again. This sweater is the perfect summer staple.
8. Hopeful: Um, who's been a part of the Hopeful KAL since the very beginning, has yarn in the stash yet not knit a stitch? Yeah, that would be me. Unfortunately, I've just have been to distracted by the Holidaze and other things to cast on. I will complete it, so I no longer have to hang my head in 'Unfinished KAL Project' shame.