Sunday, October 29, 2006

Treats For ME!!

I'm going out of town! Unfortunately it's not on a fabulous movie shoot somewhere.

Where am I going?

My brother needs a babysitter, so I'm going up to Sacramento and hang out with my two nieces! It's actually for only one day, but how could I pass up the joy of dressing up and trick-r-treating with them? I have to stay for Halloween! Then big bro's birthday is two days later, so I have to stay for that, right? One day of babysitting has turned into almost a week away!

I'm only going to take Soul with me, so I should have some progress to show by the time I get back.

See you later!

EDIT: I tried to post this before I left, but it didn't work. So you finally get to read about the adventures that are in progress. If course, my other brother up in Washington now wants me to come for a visit, so my trip has been extended until the beginning of the week! Lucky me to get to fly around on my two brother's dimes!!!