Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Knitting Away And Nothing To Show For It

I had the greatest time Tricks-or-Treating with my nieces. So much fun. They kept asking if we could all tricks-or-treats together next year. How could I refuse such beautiful kids? I do get to see them in a few weeks for Thanksgiving and again for New Year's. How much fun is that going to be?

I decide to take Soul with me on my trip and cast on during the flight up and was able to work an amazing two rows by the time I returned home! Go ME!

Since returning home, I've been steadly working on both the cable wrap and Ariann. I've cast off the armholes on the cable wrap and have started the waist increases on Ariann. I know that doesn't mean anything to anyone other than me, but there you are.

Other than that, I'm becoming more resolute in my decision to make big changes in my life. It's been going pretty well so far [all two days of it] and I'm feeling really positive! GO ME!!!