Monday, November 13, 2006

The Holidaze?

Right now I'm feeling overwhelmed by my knitting goals and underwhelmed by my progress. Beyond that, the holidaze are upon us. As much as I would love to knit something for all my family members, we all know it's just not feasible. I do have a few projects that I thought would be good, but I don't have a specific recipient in mind and don't want to make something just to make something...y'know?

So today, I open the mail box and I'm greeted by my holiday issue of Knit Simple. I can't remember why I suscribed to this mag, but there it was. There were a few okay things in it, but nothing that really jumped out at me, other than this cute bird mobile. What a cute way to get rid of stash yarn, random beads and Poppy's bad of leftover stuffing! Not only that, but it would be great for anyone! Anyone who has their own door, that is. It's a more fun than a wreath, and they're non-denominational! I might dig through the stash tonight and make a few birds. More than anything, I need a quick project to make me feel like a "completer of projects", rather than just a "starter of endless projects".

Speaking of being a "completer of projects", I wanted to show off Smoochy's finished Caftan Pullover from Interweave Spring '06, for those of you who might have missed her post on the Fall Cable KAL. She used KP Mainline and this picture is before blocking. Isn't she talented?