Friday, November 17, 2006

More New Stuff...

So, I get a call from my favorite Aunt last month saying that she had three of my Grandmother's sewing machines and I should come over, take a look at them and take what I wanted. I forgot about it until my sister brought it up. Now, you may [or may not] remember, that I had found a sewing machine last year that I was very excited about, but unfortunately, it was kinda of useless because there was no bobbin winder! Lame! I was also lucky enough to have bestowed upon myself a second sewing machine that was in a little cabinet. This sewing machine didn't work, but I figured I would eventually take it in has see what was wrong with it.

Fast forward to our trip to my aunt's house...both my sister and I walked away with fully functional sewing machines! Hers is an old school black Singer called 'The Little Homemaker' and mine a little white Singer. I brought it home and let it sit in the door way for a day or two until I was sick of not being able to open the front door fully. So this morning, I lugged it into my little sewing corner of the bedroom and decided to see if the new machine would fit into the cabinet. Lo and behold, the machine I'm replacing Grandma's with is the same model number! YIPEE!!! A fully functional machine! In the cabinet! With a working bobbin winder! It's perfect!

The best thing about my new machine? It cool ass buttonhole attachment! WHOO-HOO!!!