Monday, February 26, 2007

A Week In The Life

It's been a week since I rummaged around in the basket of unfinished objects....let's see how I'm doing.

1. Soul - Pictures...I will get them to y'all. My sister was over yesterday and although it looked better on her, there was still Yes, picture proof is on its way.
2. Butterfly Tank - Still thinking on this one. I'm not mentally ready for lace yet. I do want to pick it up, but when I do, I want to dedicate all my focus to it. Maybe I'll do a few rows tonight and see how I feel about it. Maybe I'll just continue to be wishy-washy.
3. Snowball's Chance in Hell Scarf - Still thinking on this one too. I need to just put it in my bag and let it be my travelling project until it's done.
4. Ariann - I'm really thinking about frogging this. I haven't gotten that far and I don't know if I'm that interested in finishing it anytime soon. It's a beautiful sweater...I'll have to think on it for a hot second.
5. Rebecca Wrap Sweater - I'm actually almost done with this one. The seaming and weaving is finished and I'm knitting up the ties. It should go pretty quick since I'm not making them as long as the pattern suggests...I don't want all that extra fabric wrapping around my midsection. No bueno.
6. Lady Eleanor - I think that I'm missing Miss E a little bit. I think that if I wait til next week to pick her up again, I'll speed thru it like nobody's business.

Hmmm...with Soul and the Wrap practically done and Ariann possibly going to the frog pond...does that mean I can start that cute Rebecca [non ribbed] sweater?!?! Must...resist...the cast